3| Sarah

Written: February 19, 2017.

“I cannot take this any longer, Dylan. We’ve been waiting here for half an hour. Is your date even coming?” My friend questioned me for the tenth time.

“Yeah he is. I think he’s stuck in the traffic. I’ll call him,” I whispered without looking at her.

I walked towards the washrooms and tried controlling my breath. It wouldn’t be very difficult to just do it, would it?

I looked into the mirror and put on a layer of lipstick. There was no one here who knew us. I could do it. This was the only chance I had, and I could not let it slip.

I went back to Sarah and began, “I called him. He said he is coming.”

I grimaced and was glad that she did not comment on it. She did not know the reason of my grimace, of course, she would not say anything.

“That’s okay. I’ll wait till he comes. I ordered us some ice-cream though. I hope you’re okay with that.”

“Yeah sure.” The pattern on the table cloth suddenly became interesting. It was a checked cloth with contrasting colour.

I looked up at my friend and saw her immersed in her phone. Images of her sleeping on the other side of the bed with her mouth open flashed into my head. I smiled a little and let my gaze drop lower.

I stared at her lips and realised how well she the maroon shade complimented her fair skin. Her sharp nose suddenly scrunched up and she pouted.

“I can’t find your guy on Facebook or Instagram. Does he even exist?” she questioned, laughing.

For a minute, I could not reply. The sound of her laugh resonated in my ears and I could think of nothing else. She put her hand on mine and my heart couldn’t take it anymore.

Noises from outside failed to reach me as my heartbeat was louder than anything. I saw Sarah’s lips move but I did not know what she said.

She laughed, and I laughed along. I could not let her know like this. I could not be the idiot.

“You’re so cute. I was kidding,” Sarah said in between her laughs. I could not help but let a smile grace my features.

Just as I was about to confess something to her, the waiter walked in to give our ice creams. Oh well, what a great timing, bud.

Sarah flashed another smile at him and I just could not take it. I had to do it.

“Sarah, I need to tell you something.”

The confidence in my voice impressed me. All the times I had imagined this in my head, I had always thought I would be a chicken. In fact, at one point I thought Sarah would even slap me.

“Dylan, tell me later. Just meet this guy first and then tell me.”

I stared at her a little longer but dropped my gaze to my chocolate ice cream. Just as I was about to give up, an idea slapped me. My friend was the messiest eater of all.

I looked up at Sarah but was disappointed to see that there was nothing on her face. She looked up the same instant and caught me staring.

“Why are you staring at me? Is there something on my face?”

The opportunity came to me on a silver platter. Who ever heard of letting such an opportunity go?

“Uhm, yeah. Over here,” I said pointing near her lips.

“Can you wipe it, please? I’ll only make it worse.”


I cupped her face and ‘wiped’ her face. Her eyes showed no fear even when I inched a little closer. In fact, her smile grew a little wider.

“I am sorry,” I whispered and closed my eyes while moving forward.

Let’s just say Sarah’s lips were the softest.


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