I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I only hope I have made them right.

-The Book Thief

I don’t remember the day this happened, but I sure do remember the time it happened. It was one o’clock in the early hours of the day when I saw a hungry boy wanting to eat a different type of biscuit for once.

Turning a little away from there, I saw his mother, surrounded by flies and selling balloons. As she angrily dismissed the boy next to me, I knew a little something was brewing in my mind.

A couple minutes later, a man in a three-piece-suit walked by us. Unaware of the fact that he’d dropped a note while removing his phone, he walked further. That was when the little boy’s eyes lit up along with a bulb in my head.

This story further went on to become 4| Hide and Seeka story which prodded me in my back for months to start a blog for all these men and women with stories, but no words. This blog, in short, is for giving words to some stories.

On the day that I re-write this introduction, I only hope that the people of WordPress and readers in general come to like these.

Now I am a little bad at endings, so I will take your leave with an awkward end. Do know that your comments, criticism, and love will be highly appreciated. After all, who likes bad endings? (cue finger guns)




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